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Alright, I know I haven't updated this in a while, so ima gonna do the "conclusion". But before that, let me just summarize the last week of PCT/cycle. Barely lifted, tons of school work, but when I did, it was fine/normal. No sides, strength still around the same (and like I said, maybe 5lbs less or 1 rep less than the peak of the cycle). Now I am officially done with the PCT and I can officially call it a cycle. Its been a ~week since I stopped nolva. I feel normal. In the gym there is no back pumps, no more "cold balls", lethargy has definitely decreases/gone away. So far so good though.

Now, the conclusion.


Possible Sides of H-Drol & How it affected me:
Loss of Libido: None
Hair Thinning: None
Sore Joints: None
Back Pumps Moderate
Most of the time they weren't that bad, but on leg and back day they sometimes kicked in quiet bad and made me sit down for a couple seconds and relax. But they're not that big of a problem.
Acne: I have mild/moderate acne already, but I didn't notice an increase. In fact I think it decreased on cycle.
Increased Aggression: None
Migrane: I had one really bad headache during the cycle that was it. It probably didn't have much to do with the cycle itself. Just stress/anxiety.
Shrunken testicles: None
Cramps: Severe
This was the worst side effect for me, even though it is not listed as a "common" side effect in tunedsports. Sometimes when I was doing standing military press my quads would crampen randomly. Sometimes when I wake up my calves cramp up randomly. When I flexed my quads, they would cramp. (Basically lower body cramps). And the cramps were very harsh. Most of the time it made me drop to the floor just holding my leg for 30 seconds until it eased up. Yeah, not sure whats up with that.

Basically, I just listed every single common side effect of hdrol above and how it affected me.

Most lifts all exploded. Bench press went up by about 45lbs, squat went up by about 40lbs, military press went up, incline chest, flat dumbbell, shoulder press e.t.c. However, a lot of back exercises didn't. Deadlifts didn't go up a single pound, along with other stuff like lat pulldowns, pull ups e.t.c. Not sure why. Commonly deads go up by the most, then squat, then bench. But either way, I was happy with strength gains. I'm on week 6 of post h-drol and even though I'm cutting right now, I have kept most of my strength. Mass wise, traps exploded, arms got bigger, delts got bigger, quads got bigger, lats also got wider. Calves however didn't really grow. They're my weakest part, and I guess I didn't isolate them enough. But again, im happy with mass gains (and strength).

I started the cycle weighing 172lbs. At the peak of my hdrol cycle, I reached about 192lbs I believe. I was bulking on h-drol. During PCT, it dropped to about 188lbs. And 6 weeks after h-drol, and 2 weeks after PCT, I weigh now 184lbs, although I started cutting right after PCT (so for 2 weeks now). But those numbers seem normal. 10lbs on a bulk was the average on h-drol. I'd say 90% of the weight I gained was lean. At 185lbs I look the same BF I was @ 172lbs. So I'm happy with that.

Overall I'm very happy with the cycle. I wasn't expecting to turn into greg plitt post cycle, I just simply wanted a little "boost", and I am more than satisfied with the boost I got. I got quiet a few compliments and people did take notice that I got pretty big during those couple weeks. Feelsgoodman.jpg. I would definately recommend it, but obviously do your research. If I was to do it again, I would probably do the real thing. But for now, won't be touching anything else for a while and let my hormones balance out in the next couple months. So overall, very happy with results, especially coming from a "weak/mild prohormone".


And i think thats about it. If anyone has any questions, ill be happy to answer them. But I think thats all I gotta say/off the top of my head. If I remember something/miss something out, I'll add it later.

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