Thursday, March 22, 2012

Second Cycle Completed

Nearly a year after my initial cycle (January 2011), I decided to run another one. This time, I decided for a re-comp (as opposed to the bulk I did first time). I ran it on a zig-zag diet. One day, a little above calorie maintenance. The other day, a little below. I decided not to log it however due to time constraints (and laziness). But I'll post feedback.

I started pre-cycle at around ~185lbs. Strength was around the same as I left off from my first cycle (January 2011) as I had a lot of time offs during the year, losing gains, then gaining it back and so on. End of Hdrol, I was sitting at around 190lbs (5lb gain for re-comp is "expected". Much different from the 20lb or so I gained from bulking), but I had dropped a nice ~1-2%BF. After PCT and water weight, I was sitting at ~188lbs. So overall cycle, gained 3lbs, dropped ~2%BF in 10 weeks. Not bad (and expected) for a recomp. cycle.

Strength wise, it also exploded (although not as much as bulking cycle). Every lift went up, and every gym session was better than the last one.

Side effects....
re-read an earlier post in here about my first cycle for sides. It was pretty much the usual, nothing new. Back pumps were a little less severe this time round however. One thing that I didn't remember from my first cyce was itchiness. I would wake up with extreme itchyness all over my body (literally all over; back, chest, thighs, arms) but that would subside as the day goes on. Wasn't sure why.

So thats it. Not as detailed as my first cycle, but just wanted a general conclusion for my second cycle and how a recomp is compared to bulking on H-drol. Comment if you have any questions.

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