Thursday, July 7, 2011

H-Drol Guide

UPDATE: This guide has just been updated! (Feb 6 2012). With new sources for your COMPLETE cycle that will run you ~$140 (INCLUDING SHIPPING+TAXES). Cheapest and most reliable cycle source you will find!

I wrote "The Ultimate H-Drol Guide" which is a step-by-step guide on how to take and use H-Drol. The guide will tell you EXACTLY how to run a H-Drol cycle safely and successfully. Save you time researching. It will:

  • Step by step instructions on the cycle, what it is, what to expect, risks e.t.c.
  • Where to purchase all the required items. INCLUDING PCT! (Real/Proper PCT. Not some BS Walmart one, you know what I'm talking about), Giving out a link to a reliable and safe website (for research purposes!).
  • Cheapest cycle you'll ever find. $150 (including shipping+tax) for all the H-drol, cycle assist, and PCT!
  • Split/Workout routine made best for H-Drol
  • Shitload of other stuff
Basically, if you plan on H-drol, this is for you.
Its an 8 page PDF.

It is $5 for this guide (i know i know...). Once payment is sent, I'll send you the PDF within 24 hours. (It is not a stolen one that is written by someone else, I own and wrote it! Advice/information from a person who's done it and has experience with it, not from someone who's "researched" it and has no experience first hand!)