Thursday, July 7, 2011

H-Drol Guide

UPDATE: This guide has just been updated! (Feb 6 2012). With new sources for your COMPLETE cycle that will run you ~$140 (INCLUDING SHIPPING+TAXES). Cheapest and most reliable cycle source you will find!

I wrote "The Ultimate H-Drol Guide" which is a step-by-step guide on how to take and use H-Drol. The guide will tell you EXACTLY how to run a H-Drol cycle safely and successfully. Save you time researching. It will:

  • Step by step instructions on the cycle, what it is, what to expect, risks e.t.c.
  • Where to purchase all the required items. INCLUDING PCT! (Real/Proper PCT. Not some BS Walmart one, you know what I'm talking about), Giving out a link to a reliable and safe website (for research purposes!).
  • Cheapest cycle you'll ever find. $150 (including shipping+tax) for all the H-drol, cycle assist, and PCT!
  • Split/Workout routine made best for H-Drol
  • Shitload of other stuff
Basically, if you plan on H-drol, this is for you.
Its an 8 page PDF.

It is $5 for this guide (i know i know...). Once payment is sent, I'll send you the PDF within 24 hours. (It is not a stolen one that is written by someone else, I own and wrote it! Advice/information from a person who's done it and has experience with it, not from someone who's "researched" it and has no experience first hand!)


  1. These enzymes act on the 3 carbon position or the 17 carbon position to make the steroid active as in this diagram. As you can see at the bottom, the two enzymes 17bHSD and 3bHSD are responsible for converting androstendione and androstenediol into M-Drol.

  2. You still selling the guide? Just curious b4 i send payment....

  3. i just sent payment can you email me the pdf at


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