Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 10 - Day 4


COMMENTS:Felt perfect. Pumped to go gym and do arms. After my second set of incline dumbbell hammer curls, during the middle of my set/rep, my head just literally exploded. Some random pain (it feels different from your normal headache, it was pain, not an ache) just shoots up in my head. My jaw feels semi-numb and weird. I drop the DBs immediately and walk to get a drink. I felt like I was gonna pass out and looking @ the nearest bench to drop. Went home immediately and after an hour its just a headache now. Not sure what that was about. I was breathing right, wasn't doing anything heavy, I was hydrated, eating good, felt good, but it was pretty scary stuff. Random. I did some searching and some people say Nolva may cause headaches, but I've been taking it for nearly 3 weeks now and was fine in my workouts before. And this week the dosage was cut in half to 10mg...
I'll try again tomorrow and see (will do arms again since 2 sets is nothing today).

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