Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 10 - Day 7

Flat Barbell Bench Press
135lbsx8 | 155lbsx8 | 185lbsx8 | 135lbsx5

Incline DB Bench
35lbsx8 | 50lbsx8
Was gonna go for a heavier 3rd set. Went to get drink for 2 secs came back, bench was moved and taken somewhere. Didn't want to wait. Buzzy azz gym.

Incline Barbell Bench
95lbsx8 | 115lbsx8 | 135lbsx10

Chest Flies/pec deck
80lbsx12 | 100lbsx12 | 120lbsx8

Decline Bench Press

Also did traps work.
COMMENTS: Good workout. Strength has decreased a little once again. Most likely from eating at around maintenance now and not bulking anymore. But I'm still happy with it. Precycle I could do 185 2x, so 185x8 (and more to spare) isn't bad at PCT either. So i'm happy. I doubt I'm gonna have time to lift/update this log this week. 4 exams this week, gonna pull a couple of all nighters. :/

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