Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 10 - Day 1

Barbell Military Press
95lbsx5 | 115lbsx5 | 135lbsx5

Pull Ups
BWx7 | BWx5

Side Lateral Raises DB
15lbsx12 | 20lbsx12

DB Rows on Incline Bench
35lbsx12 | 45lbsx12 | 35lbsx10

Rack Pulls
135lbsx5 | 225lbsx5 | 275lbsx5 | 315lbsx1
Idk why I did this.

Barbell Shrugs
135lbsx15 | 225lbsx10 | 225lbsx5 | 135lbsx10

EZ Bar Military Press
40lbsx10 | 60lbsx12 | 80lbsx14

Upright Rows
40lbsx10 | 60lbsx10

Wide Lat Pulldown
80lbsx12 | 100lbsx10

Reverse Flies (rear delt)
60lbsx12 | 70lbsx12

Back Extension

COMMENTS: Back from week off. 3rd week into PCT now so I'll report how strength is holding up. I'd say that for the most part I have the same strength as I left off in my cycle. Maybe less by 5lbs MAX or 1 rep in some lifts, but I'd say thats positive news. I haven't weighed myself in the last couple days, but I think I'm around ~185. So I've dropped a couple pounds once I got off hdrol (most likely water retention), but I'm still same strength, so thats good. Definately look leaner now than I was during the cycle.
It's also nice to have a workout without back pumps. So far so good. No noticable sides from nolva. I've noticed that lethargy has decreased. Usually when I come back from my morning classes I'd go staright back to sleep for 3 hours, wake up, feel even more tired and force myself to get up. Wasn't an issue today at all. Also I'm eating less. Apetite has gone down significantly ever since I stopped h-drol. It used to be every 2 hours I'd feel starved. Now not so much, so calorie intake has decreased a bit too.

All in all, so far so good. Can't wait to be done with PCT and call it a cycle and begin summer cut!

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