Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week 8 - Day 3

Barbell Bench Press
Barx12 | 135lbsx8 | 155lbsx5 | 185lbs3 | 205lbsx1 | 225lbsx1 | 235lbsx1 | 250lbsx1

+ Did some other tricep work but didn't record.

COMMENTS: O.M.G. 250!!!!! So happy. Pre-cycle max was 205, so 45lbs increase!! On bench!! On a "weak" ph!! I still can't believe I put it up! Didn't bother trying for more cause Im sure it was my max (maybe if I really really tried/pumped myself up 255, but no point). I still find it funny how usually on a cycle, deads go up the most, then squats, then bench, yet for me its the exact opposite. oh well, bench needed a boost after going up 5lbs in 6+ months last year. FeelsAwesomeMan!

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