Sunday, January 16, 2011

And Here...We...Go...

Today was the last day to of pre-loading with cycle assist. Tomorrow begins the real deal, H-Drol. First week will be 50mg, then next 5 bumped to 75mg. I will be bulking during this cycle, which will be followed with a EC Stack cut if things go ok.

My stack (so far)


  1. good stuff man, i took hdrol a while ago... got some good gains like 8 lbs after PCT.. U should enjoy it

  2. good stuff, what kind of whey is that and how do u like it?

  3. @ Jordan: It's Precision Engineered Whey Protein. Not really sure, but i bought it purely for price.

    5lb tub for $17 SHIPPED. It tastes pretty bland. Doesn't taste bad, but doesn't taste good either, but its whatever. Its they whey that counts


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