Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 - Day 1

Well, I'm past the pre-loading phase, so I thought I'd start the blog when I actually did the legit thing. Here's today's (Monday) workout.

Standing Military Press
125lbsx5 | 115lbsx5 | 105lbsx5 | 105lbsx5 | 105lbsx5

Barbell Bent Over Rows
135lbsx5 | 155lbsx5 | 145lbsx5 | 145lbsx5 | 135lbsx5

Barbell Bench Press
135lbsx5 | 145lbsx5 | 155lbsx5 | 145lbsx5 | 135lbsx5

Barbell Shrugs
225lbsx5 | 235lbsx5 | 235lbsx5 | 225lbsx5 | 225lbsx5

Comments: Amazing amount of focus and energy in the gym today. Felt stronger and could of easily put more reps, even though I know this is 110% in my mind and its placebo and not the hdrol, I still enjoyed the good workout!


  1. 18 and on PHs?

    You are the reason these are illegal for the rest of us! Thanks!

  2. @ Impact:

    That's cool, except for the fact that H-Drol isn't illegal...

  3. Impressive lifts. Good luck to all your fitness goals in 2011

  4. This will be quite the interesting blog brah....keep us posted and hit a brah back :)

  5. lOL at random ad. The Situation endorsing supps. What is the world coming to...

  6. followed for updates brah. follow back please :D

  7. Very interested to see results.


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