Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 3 - Day 1

Dumbbell Shoulder Press
30lbsx8 | 55lbsx12 | 60lbsx5

Dumbbell Lateral Raises
15lbsx12 | 20lbsx12 | 15lbsx12

BWx8 | BW+25lbsx8 | BW+45lbsx5

DB Front Raise
20lbsx10 | 20lbsx12
Cable One Arm Pushdown
40lbsx16 | 50lbsx16

Upright Rows
40lbsx12 | 40lbsx12 | 60lbsx12 | 60lbsx12
Calf Machine Shrugs
50lbsx15 | 50lbsx15 | 50lbsx15 | 50lbsx15

Reverse Butterflies
40lbsx12 | 50lbsx12 | 70lbsx12
Seated DBell Tricep Press
40lbsx12 | 50lbsx12 | 60lbsx8

Behind Back Shrugs*
80lbsx15 | 100lbsx15
*These were uncomfortable. Kept bumping on my ass when shrugging...

COMMENTS: What a workout... Oh my. I did not want to leave the gym. Strength went up but thats the least of my "happiness" lol. I had an INSANE pump after. Shoulder, trap and tricep pump = best pump you can have. What I would do to look like what I did after the gym, but cold/no pump. Traps doubled in size, and delts just became soccer balls. Also following a kinda new split (Courtesy of PlanetGetLow!). Will have 80% of the exercsies/rep ranges Norton's Power/hyper does, just that the days are mixed up a little bit to allow better resting.

Total Workout Time: 45 minutes
Morning Weight: 179lbs
Sides: Had a moderate lower back pump when doing DB Front Raises. But went away after. Nothing new so far. *knock on wood*


  1. Got to chase that pump feeling bro!

  2. glad to hear ur liking it!

    your friend,

  3. nice blog will be following, h drol is a nice starter pro-h with small sides


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