Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 2 - Day 4

Dumbbell Incline Bench
35lbsx8 | 50lbsx12 | 60lbsx12

Barbell Close Grip Bench*
135lbsx8 | 135lbsx6
I seem to get armpit pain when I do these. Maybe its my form that needs work, but its a discomfort...

Overhead Cable Curl
12.5lbsx12 | 15lbsx12 | 17.5lbsx12

Preacher Curl
75lbsx8 | 75lbsx8 | 75lbsx8
Standing French Press
50lbsx12 | 50lbsx12 | 50lbsx12

Decline Bench Press

Comments: Good workout, good energy, pretty good strength wise. Insane pump. My arms literally doubled in size from when I walked in the gym and when I left the gym. Split still needs to be tweaked a bit. Sides are still non-existent thank God. Although with back day tomorrow... I'm sure the back pumps are waiting for me...:P


  1. awesome job man. keep up the intensity

  2. Standing French Press? WTF is this? Do you lift Kalagan up and down above your head?

  3. Good to hear about the pump and lack of side-effects!

  4. @ Chris: Hahahha, its a fancy way of saying Standing Skullcrushers lol

    @ Gno: Hell ya!

  5. keep going strong! if youre not already, i recommend drinking 2 gallons of water a day or you may find yourself with some pretty nasty headaches :)

  6. @ Jordan: Yea I'm drinking plenty of water, thanks!


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