Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 5 - Day 1

Barbell Bench Press
135lbsx5 | 155lbsx5 | 185lbsx5 | 205lbsx3 | 135lbsx5 (Explosive)

Barbell Rows
135lbsx5 | 155lbsx5 | 155lbsx5 | 165lbsx5 | 135lbsx5

Pull Ups
BWx7 | BWx4

Rack Chins*
BWx8 | BW+25lbsx8 | BWx8
First time doing these. I kinda like them, but its very uncomfortable doing it weighted cause its a pain getting the weight on yourself, balancing it e.t.c. Supposedly you're supposed to have a partner when you do this.

Weighted Dips
BW+25lbsx8 | BWx8

Standing Military Press
95lbsx5 | 115lbsx5*
At the fifth rep, a cramp happend on my right quad. I don't know why or wtf, but it made me rack the bar asap. I couldn't extend it or bend it for the next minute or so. Weird...

COMMENTS: Started the workout awesome. Put up 185 easy. Put up 205 3x (pre-cycle 205 was my max) and still had a rep (or possibly 2) in me. But very happy about that. Bench is exploding. but after that, it all went downhill. Didn't feel much stronger as I was pre-cycle for bent rows, pull ups are just terrible (not sure if maybe my 10lbs+ weight gain is making it harder or what, but in general I suck @ pull ups). In fact, nearly ALL back exercises have been terrible this cycle. I'm having bad luck with them...
Dips felt heavy (the BW+25lbs felt heavier than the BW+45lbs I did last week), and the cramp I dont even know what...(it cut my workout short after that. I had 2 more exercises left...) In fact I've been having random cramps. When I get out of bed, if I twist my body (turn left/right), I get a random lower back cramp. So yeah, pretty shitty day, minus the bench press (thats the main thing tho right?). Maybe cause I'm still recovering from the flu and ate like 2000 cals over the weekend idk.


  1. Looks like you're doing good, man. Make sure to get a good post-cycle thing!

  2. 185x5 thats what i bench, i havent prioritized it in like 6 months though incline is where its at

  3. @ Sloki: I got nolva
    Jordan: I would of thought you could get 315x5 lol.


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