Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 5 - Day 7

Flat Dumbbell Press
35lbsx12 | 50lbsx6 | 60lbsx6 | 80lbsx6 | 90lbsx6

Incline Dumbbell Press
45lbsx8 | 60lbsx8 | 70lbsx6

Machine Chest Press
80lbsx15 | 100lbsx15 | 150lbsx15

Butterflies (aka Pec Deck)
70lbsx12 | 100lbsx12

Barbell Curls
80lbsx10 | 80lbsx10 | 60lbs10

Dumbbell Concentration Curls
25lbsx8 | 25lbsx8 | 25lbsx8

Incline Bench Press
115lbsx10 | 115lbsx10

Spider Curls
75lbsx8 | 75lbsx8

Seated Triceps Extension (bar)
50lbsx15 | 70lbsx12 | 50lbsx12

Cable Triceps Pushdowns
70lbsx15 | 80lbsx15 | 80lbsx12

COMMENTS: Damn, arms were gone after this. Whenever I do 2+ muscles, I always alternate (e.x. if I did arm day, I would do dips, then curls, then pushdowns, then hammer e.t.c.), but this split destroys the arms. Was pleased to put up 90s. First time I've touched them. Gonna go for 100x6 next workout. So far so good though!

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