Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 6 - Day 3

Barbell Squats
135lbsx5 | 155lbsx5 | 185lbsx5 | 225lbsx3 | 245lbsx3

Leg Extension
100lbsx12 | 140lbsx10 | 170lbsx10

Did some other leg exercises and ab work but didn't log.

COMMENTS: First shitty leg workout I think on this cycle. Either that, or h-drol is dying down (even tho week 5 is supposed to be "sweet spot". 225 felt heavier than normal, and 245x3 is the max I could put up, and I'm sure 2 of those 3 reps weren't even parallel. I was aiming for 245x5 but couldn't. Disappointed. I did some other leg work (leg press, leg curls e.t.c.) and abs but didn't log down. Was disappoint in squats... Oh well.


  1. maybe it wouldve been better to bump it to 100mg for the last 2 weeks

  2. @ Jordan: I don't wanna buy another bottle, and end up having 50 extra pills left that I'll never use.


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