Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 7 - Day 2

Flat Barbell Bench Press
barx12 | 135lbsx8 | 155lbsx5 | 185lbsx5 | 205lbsx7* | 225lbsx3*
Felt like I had 1 more rep easy left in me for each set.

Barbell Rows
135lbsx5 | 155lbsx5 | 135lbsx10

Military Press
95lbsx5 | 115lbsx5 | 135lbsx5

Barbell Shrugs
135lbsx15 | 225lbsx10 | 245lbsx8 | 135lbsx15

Pull Ups

COMMENTS: Awesome workout. I knew it was gonna be a good workout before I stepped in the gym. Ample energy, awake, focused, pumped. I lifted 225, 2 plates, the big 2, the 2.2.5 for the first phucking time ever!! And I not only put it up, but I repped it!! So phreaking happy. I remember when I started lifting I dreamt of putting up 225! And the best thing was I had more in me and didn't feel worn out after the bench at all! Military press went up too. And I discovered that my gym indeed does have straps! First time using it, felt kinda awkard, but i guess i was doing it right since grip was no problem in shrugs! Can't wait to utilize them in deads. Although I'm not sure if i had them on right. At the end the straps left like a line in my wrists (it was putting pressure on them). oh well!
H-drol is still working and doings its thang.


  1. How old are you brah? I maxed 225 bench freshman year, why are you taking a ph now? And strong days off on a cycle...

  2. @ Anon:
    18. I'm taking it to get a little boost I guess. More mass to cut to when I start my summer cut. I took the week off cause its spring break, went back home (aka no uni gym) and the gym I have access to here is crap, in the middle of my PCT so the h-drol gains have stopped ages ago.


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