Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 6 - Day 4

135lbsx8 | 225lbsx5 | 275lbsx3 | 225lbsx5

Seated DB Press
35lbsx12 | 50lbsx8 | 65lbsx8 | 50lbsx8 | 35lbsx8

Rack Chins
BWx10 | BWx10

Seated Cable Rows
100lbsx12 | 130lbsx12 | 150lbsx10

Dumbbell Rows (on incline bench)
25lbsx12 | 30lbsx12 | 35lbsx14

Close Grip Pulldowns
80lbsx12 | 100lbsx12 | 120lbsx12

Back Extension
25lbsx12 | 35lbsx12

Upright Rows
50lbsx12 | 60lbsx12 | 70lbsx12
Calf Machine Shrugs
100lbsx8 | 80lbsx15 | 80lbsx20

Side Lateral Raises
15lbsx10 | 20lbsx10

Rear Delt Flies
60lbsx15 | 60lbsx12

Bradford Press
40lbsx12 | 60lbsx12 | 70lbsx12

Kettleball Shrugs
71lbsx10 | 62lbsx10 | 53lbsx10 | 44lbsx10 | 40lbsx20 | 35lbsx10 | 31lbsx10 | 27lbsx10

COMMENTS: Good workout. Deadlifts went up, but my grip gave up way too quick. I felt like I could of put 275 like 5 more times if it wasn't for grip. During the DB shoulder press, got some real bad shoulder pain from the 65s, that when I tried the second set of 35s, each 8 of the reps were painful. But it went away later in the workout. Overall good workout. I do seem to notice the strength gains dying down a little though. I guess I'm one of those people that felt h-drol in the earlier weeks than in the later.

Sides: Moderate back pumps
Workout Length: 2hrs 15 minutes
Haven't stayed that long in the gym for a long time.


  1. Gaining any weight yet? I'm considering h-drol as my first PH soon just wondering if it's going to be worth it or to go a different rout.

  2. Wow I didn't realise H-Drol was a PH.

    So you're weak, small, using gear and calling people who outweigh/outlift you fat? Maybe concentrate on your own training a little more you fcking puss.


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