Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 7 - Day 7

Barbell Incline Bench Press
95lbsx8 | 115lbsx8 | 135lbsx15

Hammer Curls
25lbsx8 | 35lbsx8

Incline Dumbbell Press
35lbsx8 | 50lbsx8 | 70lbsx10

Reverse Barbell Curls
60lbsx12 | 70lbsx8 | 50lbsx8

Pec Deck/Butterflies
70lbsx10 | 100lbsx10

Concentrated DB Curls
25lbsx8 | 25lbsx8

Decline bench press

Cable Overhead Curls
15lbsx12 | 20lbsx12

COMMENTS: Pretty good chest/bicep day. Was very happy with incline bench 135lbs 15x. I think pre-cycle I could put it up ~5 times. Everything else is good too. Last day of h-drol. Kinda sad. It has given me amazing gains in strength (and mass, but mostly strength), but im also kinda happy to be over with it. Tired of taking about 13+ pills a day (3 hdrol, 8 cycle assist, 2 multi, and for the people that take the extra stuff like joint support, fish oil, you've got to be in the 20s). I feel like an old person whos taking her daily tablets to stay healthy. PCT starts tomorrow. 20mg. Got my ml syringe ready. We'll see how my gains hold up during PCT. My plan for the next 2 weeks is to max out big 3 this week (along with lifting normally). And next week Im taking the whole week off. Its spring break, going back home, won't have access to decent gym, shoulders are getting really worse lately. I think its time to take a week of then come back hard after.

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